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Salescorp uses the latest in computer-controlled machining and robotic welding equipment. Salescorp uses the equipment shown below to provide you with the highest quality products and fabrication services available.

Blanchard Grinding
36" and 48" Blanchard Grinding services are now available. Blanchard Grinders provide extremely tight tolerances for thickness, bevel and parallelism.
Milltronics - CNC Controlled Machines
Milltronics CNC Machines continues to produce high-quality CNC machines at an affordable price. Constantly finding innovative ways to build CNC machines that provide more efficiency and increased production.
Daihen - Robotic Welders
OTC DAIHEN, Inc. manufactures welding equipment (primarily digital inverter welding supplies), cutting equipment, torches, robots, positioning equipment, standard and custom arc welding cells, accessories.
Geka - Iron Working Equipment
Since 1919, The GEKA Group has been manufacturing ironworkers for angle, plates, and profiles for structural steel, plate fabrication, metal workshops, metal constructions, and generally all that is related with civil and industrial construction.
HydMech - Saws and Material Handling
For the past 30 years, Hyd-Mech has left the competition behind and continues to lead the world today in metal band saw and circular cold saw technology.
Edwards Iron Workers - Iron Working Equip.
Edwards manufactures a full line of high quality, low maintenance hydraulic ironworking machines, associated tooling, and accessories that are used in the steel fabrication industry.
HEM Saw - Band Saws and Sawing Equipment
For over 45 years HE&M Saw has been the leader in new band saw technology, setting the standard with more patented innovations than any other band saw manufacturer in the world.
Cosen - Band Saws
Since its establishment in 1976, Cosen saws has continued its growth into one of the world’s largest professional band saw manufacturers.
Nelson - Stud Welding Equipment
Nelson® Stud Welding is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of weld stud fasteners and application equipment serving a broad range of markets on a worldwide basis including the automotive, construction and industrial markets.